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Automatic Enrolment

Automatic enrolment changes this. It makes it compulsory for employers to automatically enrol their eligible workers into a pension scheme. The employer must also pay money into the scheme. Automatic enrolment is being phased in, starting with the largest UK employers.

All employers will soon have to offer their employees the opportunity to join a Workplace Pension scheme.

This came into place in October 2012 starting with larger employers. By 2018 all employers must have a scheme in place.

Some employees must be added to the pension scheme automatically ('Auto Enrolment'), whilst others must be given the chance to join if they wish. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the correct action is taken in respect of each employee.

Working closely with The Pensions Regulator, we have developed our software to help employers comply with the new workplace pensions legislation. Moneysoft Payroll Manager:

  • Provides an Assessment report to determine which employees should be automatically enrolled.
  • Allows for the use of postponement.
  • Calculates pension contributions.
  • Handles employees that wish to opt-in or join the pension scheme.
  • Handles opt-outs and refunds.
  • Generates employee communications (e.g letters & emails).
  • Keeps records and provides reports.
  • Produces output files for use with many of the major pension scheme providers, (below)*

If you are unsure when your staging date is or need help and advice please contact us.

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